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obtained from lignite. The preparation only contains decomposed organic matter that improves the formation of humus in the soil and that does not contain any pathogens or toxic compounds.


the liquid manure contains humic acids, humins and fulvic acids – chemical compounds that stimulate the growth of plants and improve the quality of soil.


the stimulation of the growth of plants by humic acids allows to avoid crop losses caused by environmental damage such as drought or hailstorm.


by catalyzing cellular processes in the plants, the biohumus makes them more resilient to the invading pathogens or pests, drought and ground frost.


It is a biologically active concentrate of humic acids, fulvic acids, and salts of humin, humic and fulvic acids derived from brown coal, as well as a complex of minerals, microelements and amino acids. It is a 100% natural product of ecological recycling, without chemical and synthetic additives or artificial fertilizers.

Benefits of using humic acids contained in THE TOTALHUMUS

Humic acids improve soil fertility, due to high cation exchange capacity, oxygen content and above-average water capacity. They have the ability to bind insoluble metal ions, oxides and hydroxides and slowly release them depending on plant needs. Due to these characteristics, we can consider 6 types of action: environmental, physical, chemical, biological, physiological and economic.

THE TOTALHUMUS is used for:

  • Increasing fertility,
  • Presowing treatment of seeds, seedlings and trees,
  • Processing of the soil at the stage of framing soil,
  • Feeding plants during the growing season,
  • Post-harvest soil treatment,
  • Restoration, improvement and maintenance of soil fertility after floods, fires and other natural disasters,
  • Cleaning and remediation of soil contaminated by organic wastes and oil products and heavy metals, radioactive and chemical.


Degradation of soils occurs mainly due to the lack of systematic, organic fertilization, intense cultivation on the same site for many years, the use of herbicides, etc. There are several ways to improve soil fertility and to restore its productivity. One of the possibilities is the use of humus fertilizers, often referred to as “biological center” or “black gold” because of their beneficial and multidirectional impact on soil and plants at the same time.

Humic substances - a challenge for chemists of the 21st C.

There is a unique type of organic natural substances, which chemists for a long time and absolutely unjustly forgotten. Thus, from the point of view of the chemistry of the future, the possibilities are endless, and the area of their possible application is very broad. Enter humic substances.

Created by Nature

THE TOTALHUMUS is a humic preparation made from lignite, consisting in 96% from dead organic matter. The humic acids in the preparation are five times more active than the same compounds in other natural fertilizers. There are no mineral or synthetic additives in the humic fertilizer. Also, no harmful and toxic chemical compounds can be found in it.

Eco-friendly and user-friendly

THE TOTALHUMUS is innovative liquid manure that only contains natural, organic substances. The preparation contains no synthetic minerals, is a great source of nutrients and reduces the risk of excessive concentration of toxic chemicals in the plants. The fertilizer’s excellent water solubility facilitates its application and availability to plants.

Advanced technology of extracting humic acids from lignite

Three fractions of organic humic acids can be distinguished. These are humic acids, fulvic acids and humins. The humic acids are dark brown and can be extracted with alkaline substances. They are insoluble in water and very resistant to washing out of soil, making them one of the most critical sorptive elements. Biohumus also contains fulvic acids, yellow or yellow-brown humus compounds. Soluble in substances of any reaction, they are very easily extracted from lignite. As they retain ions in sorptive complexes, they provide plants with nutrients.
Humins are the third fraction and are neither soluble in acids, nor in alkalis.

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