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Producer of Natural Organic Growth Stimulant THE TOTALHUMUS


we are the first on the market to supply humic acids at maximum concentration. Our preparation is extracted from lignite, is free from pathogens and toxic chemicals, and opens entirely new perspectives to eco-farming.


we believe that nature itself is able to provide optimal conditions for the growth of plants. Our natural humus preparation provides plants with nutrients in optimal quantities, protects them from the uptake of toxic elements and guarantees the soil’s microflora correct composition.


we are the only company offering liquid eco fertilizer with a very high concentration of humic acids. THE TOTALHUMUS is a highly efficient preparation that allows farmers to reduce the use of mineral fertilizers by over 50%.


we understand how important it is to care for the natural environment. By providing a humus fertilizer that facilitates the formation of the layer of humus, we prevent soil degradation and make it possible for farmers to grow crops ecologically, in a way that benefits the nature.

About us

THE Sp. z o.o specializes in natural humic fertilizers which prevent soil destruction and stimulate plant growth. Our work is our passion and the satisfaction of our Clients makes us want to discover new opportunities for ecological agriculture. The products that we offer have numerous certificates and their effectiveness was confirmed by a series of studies conducted in specialist research facilities. We are confident that our fertilizers are completely safe for humans, animals and the environment. learn more..

Krzysztof Zaskórski

Krzysztof Zaskórski


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